6 Things you dont want in your dogs treats

6 Things You Don’t Want in Your Dog’s Food


Fact: Being a responsible pet parent means looking beneath the surface of a dog food label…

The Australian pet food industry is a 2-billion-dollar industry with a handful of players dominating the market. Two of the biggest you may have heard of are Mars and Nestle Corporation.

Now ask yourself…

Isn’t it interesting that the 2 largest chocolate bar companies in the world, also make dog food?

Let me elaborate…

Chocolate is commonly known to be extremely toxic for dogs and throughout my research I’ve concluded these same companies are adding other dangerous ingredients guaranteed to make your precious pets ill.

Here are just some of common ingredients used in your dog food by these big name companies, if you knew about, you definitely would NOT want it in there.

Propylene Glycol

A toxin common in antifreeze used during dog food production processes.

Cited as a pet food “moisturizer,” this harmful additive has been linked to deadly blood diseases as well as seizures and tremors, yet it continues to pop up in product after product.

Sulphur Dioxide (Preservative)

sulphur dioxide

We have all heard about preservatives and how in small amounts they aren’t dangerous. But what about dog foods?

They use some of the most hardcore preservatives, mainly because the meat they are using is downgraded, sometimes even rotten. Without the preservative, they wouldn’t last 5 days.

If you look on the back of the pack and you see the words ‘preservatives’ move on to another brand.



Otherwise known as sugar.  Dogs process sucrose in the same way we humans do and thus is a big no no ingredient.

As in the case of humans, when too much sucrose is ingested by dogs it leads to a host of issues such as weight gain, inflammation, and diabetes which can lead to loss of eyesight and premature death.



When you think of corn as an ingredient, it doesn’t sound too bad. But the corn in your pet’s food usually downgraded and not fit for human consumption.

This means it could contain traces of mold and some toxins that will make it through the treating process. Most dry foods contain around 40% grains/corn and only 25% protein. Considering corn is not an essential nutrient for dogs, why is this ratio so out of whack.

You wouldn’t feed a Child a corn based diet, so why would you feed it to a dog?



Found in dog food and treats produced overseas, melamine — an industrial chemical banned in many countries – Melamine has been used in the pet industry to boost the apparent protein content.

Melamine is also used in the production of plastics, primarily for countertops, utensils, fabrics, adhesives and flame retardants. It has been linked to liver failure and, even, death in dogs.

A massive 2007 dog food and treat was issued on the heels of tens of thousands of pets getting sick and, even, dying as a direct result of consuming these melamine-laced products.

So Why Do Know I This?


You see a few years ago I lost my best friend and family pet bear to hepatic insufficiency otherwise known as liver failure, partially because of the toxic store bought dog foods I was unknowingly feeding him.

After experiencing my own pet passing in such a sad way, I dedicated my life to researching pet food ingredients and helping other pet owners avoid the same tragedy I did.

This event eventually led to my Dad and I starting our own pet treat company with the intent to serve family pets the highest quality ingredients available.

Since starting Pet snacks 5 years ago we’ve gone on to serve over 50,000 dogs and their families and we are just getting started.

At Pet Snacks, we only make treats that are single ingredient, meaning when we say 100% meat, thats exactly what you’re getting.

No Chemicals, Single Ingredient, Allergen Free, Naturally Rich in Omega 3’s…

Our treats are all natural Kangaroo meat, which has a tonne of benefits including:

High in Protein

  • Protein and amino acids are essential for optimal dog health. Dogs need a constant supply of proteins to help with maintaining muscle, healthy weight and helps energy production.

Allergen Free

  • Kangaroo meat does not contain common allergens found in store bought treats like grains, soy and preservatives which cause itching and infections. Out treats can even reverse environmental allergy symptoms.

High In Omega 3’s

  • Essential for maintaining healthy skin, coat and strong immune system. Omega 3’s also improve cell and brain function wile lowering inflammation.

Highly Digestible

  • Roo meat highly palatable, and easily digested by dogs which is perfect for dogs with sensitive stomaches. No more worries about upset tummies.

Single Ingredient Protein

  • Which means no fillers, toxic additives, preservatives or nasty bi-products. Unlike store bought treats, our Fillets are not processed with grains and binders.

Promotes Healthy Joints

  • With the wide variety of essential vitamins and nutrients, Recent studies have shown that wild Kangaroo meat itself has a lower inflammatory response when compared to traditional farmed meats like beef

If your looking for the best possible health for your loved one, try Pet snacks Kangaroo meats pet treats today!

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