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LickiMat Classic Casper for cats – fun alternative to a cat bowl. Boredom busting, enriching, calming and slow feeding for cats!

Mimics Cat’s Predatory Feeding
LickiMat Casper enriches feeding time for cats by allowing greater activity, like they would experience in the wild.  LickiMat Casper stops “whisker stress” and allow your cat to feed in a crouching position with a full view of their surrounds, reducing stress and anxiety.  The pockets are designed to promote licking action to extract food and slow down eating and make meals or treats last a long time.

Recommended for Both Dogs & Cats
The LickiMat textured patterns are designed to please the tongues of cats and to work with all manner of treats and foods, ranging from spreadable treats, yogurt and cream cheese to raw, wet, dry and liquid foods. The licking action enhances the sense of taste, allowing your cat to enjoy just a small amount of food.  LickiMats are also perfect for adding supplements and medications to treats.