Shark Cartilage

Shark Cartilage

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Shark cartilage contains lots of protein which makes it a perfect low-fat treat even for dogs who are on a strict diet. Moreover, shark cartilage is very rich in calcium, glucosamine, and chondroitin (2). All of those substances have their benefits for dog health and are especially great for supporting healthy joints

Supports Joint Health

Shark cartilage is one of the top supplements for treating dogs suffering from arthritisand other joint issues like hip dysplasia (especially common in larger breeds). This is because shark cartilage contains both glucosamine and chondroitin which have been proven to help build healthy cartilage in dogs and keep the joints mobile – the two major active ingredients in any good joint support compound (dogs or humans).

Supports Dental Health

Shark cartilage has a rough structure, but when it breaks apart it doesn’t create dangerous sharp pieces like some bones. This makes shark cartilage pieces the perfect chews for both puppies and adult dogs. Chewing on cartilage pieces will not only keep your dog busy for a while, but it will also help clean their teeth.

****you should avoid giving shark cartilage to dogs that are allergic to seafood and be very cautious about feeding it to pregnant dogs.*****


Are your shark products sustainably sourced?

Our shark products are ethically sourced in Queensland as a by-product of foods farmed in a fish-friendly way for human consumption but left to waste, a great way to source natural treats for dogs. We do not intentionally endanger the shark population and support water quality protection and conservation practices.

Our ethical sourcing process is important to us and we are confident in it and our supplier who is actively involved in these conservation practices.